This website is evolving.  It is a memorial to my late wife Mariam, it is trying to give a hint about a country  (Iran) that I have no knowledge of until I met her and, most importantly, it is aimed at changing the world in Mariam's memory.  The way to change the world is the children.

For now, please view this petition/video and sign it . PLEASE Watch the video and sign the petition.

My efforts to memorialize Mariam is, as of today (October 16,2019), focused to rectifying a huge wrong. The one thing I wanted to do is sponsor children in other countries in her memory. Right now there are 20 kids in her native Iran who are receiving this sponsorship BUT the US government has suspended this effort. The US Treasury Department of Treasury has failed to renew the Child Foundation's  license ( Details are on their website but here is the bottom line. Mariam's twenty kids are not getting their support as of February 2019.

Immediately below this first few paragraphs see videos about these charities but below these videos please look at some of the ongoing efforts to make sure donations of 4,000 American sponsors is reinitiated ASAP!  

My precious Mariam told me "what you see on TV is not Iran". With these pages I am trying to portray the Iran not on TV.



These videos and the story about her at the bottom of the page will give you a hint who Mariam was...just a tiny hint

In Mariam's memory, she is sponsoring children in Iran and Afghanistan through the organizations identified in the videos below. Maybe we can change the world one child at a time.  

OK, here is the deal as far as the child foundation and the US government. The US government has not renewed the license for the Child foundation and has yet to explain why this renewal was NOT, unlike in prior years, been completed. This charity has received numerous awards by rating companies and has been in operation for decades. No one can explain why the processing has not been completed. Over a dozen congresspersons have intervened on behalf of the Foundation but, in the words of one staffer, Congress is getting the "run around". The Trump administration has time and time again stated they do not inhibit humanitarian aid getting to Iran. See the following links 

Brian Hook video about humanitarian aid. See item 4 in this video

video of Brian Hook

Video of Pompeo stating no impact to humanitarian aid.

video of Pompeo

Mnuchin video about humanitarian aid

Mnuchin video  

Right now there are 6,000 kids and their families who are not receiving support from the American sponsors and they know the statements made by the above Administration officials are false.. In some cases, the impacts are already irreparable. Soon I will post letters from these kids. They are heart breaking. 

Please contact your congressperson and tell them to contact Treasury. With all the unfairness in the world today, this is a totally preventable unfairness. I will prepare a second page later today that will address how you can hope stop this idiocy. No better words describe it!!!

Send a message to your represenatives        in Washington

You can find your representatives contact information here:

If you want to know what compassion is watch this video. This video is my Mariam

Who was Mariam??

Mariam is someone who spread love and compassion to virtually everyone she came in contact. She spent her short lifetime embracing everyone regardless of ethnicity, country of origin or religion. In short, her goal was to give everyone she met part of her heart. See the wedding dress? On a bus commuting to Washington DC she met a young woman who was crying because she did not have money for a wedding dress. The next day, on that bus, Mariam handed her this dress. That, simply put, was Mariam.


Mariam was robbed of spreading love and compassion to more of the world because of Parkinson's disease. Having experienced the dreadful symptoms of this disease, she was heart broken that people of her native Iran were not able to recieve the medication to relieve their symptoms. Mariam's wish is to alleviate the suffering of others. It is just that simple. After 45 years in the US, she knew that the American people would not allow that to happen if they knew about it. This effort is to let them know.

If you want to know more about Mariam, you can click on my facebook page. My postings provide the story of my precious Booboo. Thank you

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